Bob Szantyr- Won’t you come on down to my Rescue

Bob Szantyr, “Cristals,” 2020 ballpoint pens, epoxy resin
6 x 4 x 3.5 inches

Works by Bob Szantyr



Auxiliary Projects is pleased to present Won’t You Come on Down to My Rescue, part two of our online presentation of small-scale epoxy resin sculptures by Bob Szantyr. These elegant works are available for viewing and sale online, and a future gallery exhibition incorporating Szantyr’s larger sculpture is currently in development. 

Szantyr’s Pyramids series feature common and uncommon found objects encased and encapsulated in resin, echoing the way we encase ourselves and our contested aerosols within our homes and pods. Home is always defined by the boundary between inside and outside, and what better way to make sure inside is pure than removing all corrupting air?


Szantyr sees encapsulation as an act of closure, when the responsibility to steward the objects that come into his possession arrives at its terminus.  As many do, Szantyr struggles to let go of things; he finds a way around this by altering their form. Like an oyster with a sharp-edged grain of sand, Szantyr entombs salient possessions in a metaphorical act of sublimating their emotional and utilitarian weight. In the process each object is transformed from a prop in the act of living into a crystalized gem entering the next phase of its life–eventually, leaving Szantyr’s possession entirely.