Lisa Levy ‘Everyone Loves a Winner’ — Jan 2014

Auxiliary Projects is pleased to present an installation of new sculptures and small works by Brooklyn performance artist Lisa Levy from January 17th through March 9th, 2014. There will be an opening reception on January 17th, from 7-9pm. The gallery is open Saturdays and Sundays from 1-6pm and by appointment.

Lisa Levy has been in the New York scene for over two decades, since about the time she appeared with her bowling hamster on David Letterman’s “Stupid Pet Tricks.” She is known for performance events (live psychotherapy, dressing as an old lady to administer unconditional love, absurd game shows) and artistic interventions (exhibiting items given to her by old boyfriends and writing “prescriptions” from her personalized “State of Insanity” prescription pads). Most recently, she has created dozens of comic text paintings with deadpan painted messages such as “Pharmacists are the new bartenders.” At Auxiliary Projects she once again generously turns her attention to you and your well-being, presenting a large assortment of objects and prizes designed to make you feel a bit better about yourself.

An array of over thirty trophies, each with a different encouraging message, is presented on risers. Instead of the traditional soccer player, ice skater or baseball batter, Levy has affixed a large round inscribed mirror at the top of each trophy. Displacing more typical inspirational slogans, the inscriptions include “YOU SURE SCREWED THEM,” “SHUT UP YOU LOOK GREAT,” and “NO MORE PEOPLE PLEASING.” Along with these pre-made inscriptions, blank versions are also on view awaiting personalization. You (yes you) can schedule personal consultation sessions with Dr. Lisa in the gallery where she will help formulate custom messages for your own personalized self-esteem award based on a recent growth experience, emotional achievement, near-miss, or source of pride in your life.

Levy has also designed medical-alert necklaces for those of you whose self-regard is either obnoxiously high or dangerously low. The two necklaces read either “Low Self -Esteem” or “Enlarged Self-Esteem” and provide Dr. Lisa’s actual cell phone number in case of a self-esteem emergency. The dog tag-style necklaces are available in black metal, red metal or stainless steel to reflect your personal style, status and budget. At the Lisa’s Choice Awards, presented at the Pine Box Rock Shop from 7-9pm on February 28th, Levy will build the self-confidence of attendees by publicly acknowledging the new trophy owners for their self-esteem achievements. She will also award certificates to emotionally needy or most-improved members of the audience for the hell of it, because everyone loves a winner.