Marie Guex


marieAnatomy of Sound, 1 minute loop, silent. 

Available by subscription, or for purchase for $500 in an edition of 5 + 1 AP

“The apparatus I used for this project is quite simple: a plastic container, filled with water, is placed inside a loudspeaker cone emitting sounds; the vibrations create a pattern that can be photographed. I like to call these images “sound bubbles”. I like to imagine them made of glass, try and follow those intricate patterns in a third dimension. I was stuck by the complexity and the perfection of those shapes; how something as “evident” as sound could, in fact, be so complicated. This project confronts me with the boundaries of our perception; how little we understand our surroundings, and how little respect we have for the privilege of being part of such a perfect system. How many things we didn’t even remotely see or understand have we already distorted or destroyed? If we could see all the hidden patterns, vibrations, would it give us a cartography of the universe? Is there a pattern of all patterns?”  -Marie Guex 2017

humA Hum in the Room
, 2 minute loop, silent. Available by subscription, or for purchase for $500 in an edition of 5 + 1 AP
  “A Hum in the Room”  is a visual piece composed with an animation of 240 still images displayed in consecutive frames on a grid of 240 cells. Each cell presents the image sequentially, the way a movie does, whereas the entire page shows the decomposition of movement. While it plays with the notion that de Duve qualifies as “unperformed movement and impossible posture” (Thierry de Duve, 1978.Time Exposure and Snapshot: The Photograph as Paradox), this installation conveys the concept of movement as a succession of immobilities. As the viewer shifts his gaze from representation to abstraction, a second layer emerges revealing an overall image full of rhythm and musicality. More broadly “A Hum in the Room” shows a process questioning time and movement, and ultimately reminds us that they might merely be an illusion.


marie_fallPond With Leaves, Storm King Art Center, Fall 2016, 3 hour loop, silent. 

Available by subscription, or for purchase for $500 in an edition of 5 + 1 AP.

 “Pond With Leaves, Storm King Art Center, Fall 2016” is built with a succession of 1,500 pictures photographed within a 32 minute timeframe. During this time the leaves covering the surface of the water were moved by the currents in the pond. The video sequence was built as an animation with successive photographs, but instead of a clean cut between each frame, time is lingering from one picture to the next. Motion is sometimes imperceptible, sometimes very visible. What was recorded in half an hour becomes a 3 hours sequence, a way to escape time and enter a meditative state.


Marie N. Guex started her career in video in 1993 as an independent institutional filmmaker. She worked for the National Swiss Television (TSR) and also began a collaboration with Swiss dance company Ensemble Interface. In 1997 she joined the company full time as a videographer and video scenographer. In 1999 she co-founded Studio-Théâtre Interface, a venue dedicated to recording live stage performances. In 2006 she left Switzerland to study at the International Center of Photography in New York City. Since then she has been creating artwork independently. For the past four years she has been exploring the concept of visual music in collaboration with musicians and dancers, using a variety of tools, such as video, sculpture, photographs, drawings, sounds and movement. She lives and works in New York City.